Bob's Best Chlorella

...The Exciting New Superfood That Helps Your Body
Heal Itself.
Unlike any natural solution you've ever seen!

It’s the leader in a whole new class of foods that will change the way you look at your health forever.

 Top Three Reasons why I call Bob’s Best Chlorella a superfood.



Super purification helps keep your cholesterol levels, Blood pressure levels, and joints Healthy…

Although chlorella has been on earth since it’s creation, it has only recently caught the attention of medical doctors,scientists, and health experts around the world.


Because recent clinical studies reveal that chlorella can help give…
Stunning Results For Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Levels.

Throughout my career I’ve counseled thousands who struggle with their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so I really took notice.

In one of these pioneering clinical studies, patients concerned about keeping their blood pressure levels healthy took placebos for one month… then chlorella every day for two months.

The results were stunning!

Nearly 50 percent of the patients showed as good or better control of their blood pressure levels with the natural solution, chlorella.

Better yet, all of the patients were able to keep their cholesterol levels healthy and balanced at the same time.

Sure enough, those that take Bob’s Best Chlorella™ every day as part of their nutritional program are finding it works great for both blood pressure and cholesterol levels!

What’s more, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ can help...
Improve Joint Conditions Or Morning Stiffness:

Another complaint I often hear from others is that their joints are getting stiff and sore. But they don’t want to get stuck on treatments that don’t work, and they certainly don’t want to live with the condition. So, based on another study, I tell them about chlorella.

This time a team of scientists studied patients who were experiencing soreness and chronic stiffness, tendon and ligament problems,morning stiffness, and recurring headaches.

Again, patients took chlorella every day for two months.

The results were Eye-opening!

88 percent of patients who took chlorella saw an improvement in the index that measures their symptoms, and 45 percent enjoyed less pain.

As great as this is, it gets even better. The study also showed that chlorella can help...Calm Irritable StomachAnd Bowel Troubles!

In a third study, a team of scientists looked at colon and bowel problems. Patients suffered from abdominal pain, loss of appetite, tiredness, and loss of body fluids and nutrients.

Once again, patients took chlorella every day for two months. The Results Were Remarkable!

Chlorella helped improve the conditions of more than 90 percent of the patients, and they had a 61 percent decrease in other health worries as well.

When my people first come tome, many of them complain about their stomach and bowel. And, once again, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ has helped them tremendously.

Why such success? For one, chlorella is:
The most powerful natural purifer
I’ve ever seen!

Nothing I’ve ever found is better for purifying your body of toxins and chemicals than chlorella.Nothing! And when you naturally purify your body, you can regain your health.

For example, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ helps…
Purify your liver for healthy cholesterol levels

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ helps break down fatty foods and cholesterol build-up by purifying your liver.

Your liver is the crucial organ that purifies your system, yet it can get clogged up by toxins in your water, food and air, as well as by a high-fat diet and too much sugar and artificial compounds in food.

Sweep heavy metals from your body for healthy blood pressure levels… Heavy metals and the accumulation of other chemicals and toxins can clog up your blood and circulation - which doesn’t help your blood pressure one bit.

But Bob’s Best Chlorella™ can help sweep out those heavy metals, to keep your blood clean, healthy and flowing as it should.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ purifies not only your liver, but your gallbladder, colon, blood and lymph nodes too. I believe it’s the foundation for natural purification— and when it’s used as part of your daily health regimen, you can trigger your body’s own recovery!

What makes Bob’s Best Chlorella™ such a power purifier?
Three key factors:

1. High Chlorophyll Content:
  Chlorophyll has been hailed as the most powerful purifying agent in the world. And Bob’s Best Chlorella™ contains the highest known percentage of chlorophyll in the entire plant world. In fact, it has five times as much chlorophyll as spirulina and 10 times as much as alfalfa.
2. Unique Cell Wall:
  The cell wall of Bob’s Best Chlorella™ also makes it a potent natural eliminator. Amazingly, the cell wall binds to toxic material in your body, refuses to let it go, then removes it once and for all.
3. Chlorella Growth Factor:

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is processed utilizing one of the most advanced processes known to man, which stimulates growth and is referred to as  the “Chlorella Growth Factor” or CGF.

Found only in Bob’s Best Chlorella™, CGF can help mobilize macrophages - cells that destroy microorganisms and germs, and remove harmful debris from your body.

But, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is far more than nature’s most powerful purifier. It’s also an amazing superfood because it gives you…



Super Protection To Help Fight Off Hundreds
Of Health Worries

Another reason I’m so excited about the Bob’s Best Chlorella™ discovery is it can help your body…

Rev up your natural defense system
More efficiently fight off germs and microorganisms
Raise a bumper crop of white blood cells to keep you healthy
And stimulate your body’s health-protecting T-cells.

How can this whole food breakthrough do all this?

Because, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is a rich source of "micro nutrients" These complex compounds promise to be part of the next generation of super nutrients that may far surpass vitamins and minerals in strength.

For example, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ can help your body…
Fight Off Foreign Invaders, Because It’s One
Of The Richest Sources Of nucleotides

These natural compounds help strengthen your body’s defenses against life-threatening problems.

In one study, patients who ate a diet containing nucleotides had stronger natural defenses than those eating a high protein, nucleotide-free diet.

Destroy Harmful Microorganisms And Germs With High-powered Polysaccharides.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ contains beta-glucans, polysaccharide compounds found in medicinal foods such as healing mushrooms. Beta-glucans are potent stimulators of your body’s natural defenses.

This is most likely due to their ability to stimulate the release of powerful chemical activators in your body’s germ-stopping macrophages.

In one study, the polysaccharides in chlorella caused an increase in the number and activity of macrophage cells.

This is the fuel your body needs for a high performance natural defensesystem!

Stimulate Health-Protecting T-Cells
With Potent Yet SafeGlycoproteins

These unique protein-carbohydrate complexes not only stimulate your T-cells, but help mobilize them to the areas of greatest need.

Bottom line: Taking Bob’s Best Chlorella™ every day can supercharge your natural defense system.

It can make a BIG difference in your body’s ability to fortify your natural defense and better fight off persistent health problems.

With others, I’ve seen Bob’s Best Chlorella™ strengthen and rev up their health and well being more powerfully than any other natural supplement or food. And that’s why I recommend it so highly and take it every day myself.

In a moment, I’m going to share with you two more very important reasons why Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is such a remarkable super food - and how it can help you look and feel younger and healthier.

But before I do, Let me tellYou about…

I’m sure you know the Naturalhealth craze is taking America by storm.

More than 70 million Americans take vitamins, minerals and herbs, and millions more are joining their ranks every year.

Folks love Bob’s Best Chlorella™ because it's so simple and easy to use. It's as simple as taking one pill with a glass of water at mealtime.

But, my research and experience tell me there’s nothing better for you than pure whole foods such as Bob’s Best Chlorella™

Why? Because the nutrients found in pure whole foods are in the form, balance and structure that nature intended - and can give you the best results!

You see, the truth is…

Nutrients are often isolated and chemically altered down to a single “active ingredient”. Then,they’re packaged as one supplement.

But, chances are the manufacturing process depletes some of the nutritional value nature intended. So, you may fail to get all of the nutrients you think you’re getting from chlorella supplements.

And many foods that look and sound healthy - such as fruits and vegetables you buy at your local supermarket - have been grown in nutrient-depleted soils or sprayed with pesticides - further reducing their nutritional content.


Is it any wonder that some people take fistfuls of vitamins and Supplements and eat healthy foods– Yet Still Feel Terrible?

The truth is, pure whole foods are the best thing for your body - they give your body what it needs to heal itself!

As I stated, these foods speak the only language your body understands. And the most effective concentrated whole foods are the green foods like Bob’s Best Chlorella™

And, what a whole food break through Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is!

It’s nutrient rich, bursting with over 20 different vitamins and minerals. It gives you many of the essential amino acids. It’s a more powerful fiber than many fruits and vegetables and has an abundance of naturally-occurring beta-carotene(six times more than spinach).


For example, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is potassium-rich.

Potassium is essential for repairing and maintaining great health. What's more, it neutralizes acids and restores alkaline salts in your bloodstream.

Nearly 60 percent protein(more per serving than soy or steak). The highest known concentration of chlorophyll. And more nucleic acids than any other food source.

I used to think I could get the nutrients I needed by taking extra supplements and vitamins. But I was wrong.

I only trust supplements with MY name on it.

Getting the nutrients I need from foods such as Bob’s Best Chlorella™is better. That’s why no matter what other natural supplements I may take, I always take Bob’s Best Chlorella™. It gives me everything my body needs for health and wellness and helps my other supplements work even better!

Now, as I promised, here are two more reasons why Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is the most powerful super food I’ve ever found.

Besides giving you super purification and a stronger natural defense system,
Bob’s Best Chlorella™ gives you…

Super Youth Enhancement:

Something amazing happens when you purify your body, rev up your body's natural defense system and give your body the nutrients it needs: your body is better able to fight off the harmful effects
of aging.

Imagine for a moment, no matter what your age, if you could…

keep your skin soft, smooth and creamy looking
soften the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines
Enjoy hair that’s silkier and shinier
have nails that are stronger and healthier
glow with a youthful, natural beauty
and fool new friends who’ll never guess your real age.

These are the kind of benefits enjoyed by my family, friends and my customers who take Bob’s Best Chlorella™ everyday.

How does Bob’s Best Chlorella™  help you slow down the appearance of the premature aging process?

Bob’s Best Chlorella’s™ youth-building magic lies deep inside its cellular core.

It’s here you’ll find…
The Richest Source Of Nucleic Acids
more than any known food source.

More per serving than in sardines and steak!

In his book, “The No-Aging Diet,” Dr. Benjamin Frank suggests that human nucleic acids production slows as we age. But, a diet rich in nucleic acids may counter this aging process and revitalize your body.


Because nucleic acids are the building blocks of life. And when you have an abundance of nucleic acids in your body, they enable your cells to reproduce, so you can stay young and healthy.

But if you’re lacking nucleic acids, your cell construction suffers, your cells get weak, you become vulnerable to all sorts of problems, and you look and feel older than your years.

Ok, so you just need to eat food rich in nucleic acids, right?

Most foods today are depleted of nucleic acids.

But, Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is the richest source of nucleic acids of any known food.

It’s like drinking deeply from the Fountain of Youth!

That’s not all...

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ also includes…
The astonishing and purest chlorellagrowth factor “CGF”
that builds healthy new cells...
It’s not found in any vitamin, mineral or herb.

Earlier, I told you that chlorella helps naturally purify your body.

But, it does much, much more.

Chlorella contains a variety of unique natural substances such as nucleic acids, amino acids,peptides, polysaccharides and beta-glucans that nourish and replenish your body.

Chlorella gives your system what it desperately needs to build strong, new, healthy cells - no matter your age or health.

I’ve known about chlorella for years, but it’s recently come to the fore front in nutritional science because there’s a great deal of proof that it stimulates growth, tissue repair, and revitalization to an extent and not found in any other food source!

To you, this can mean…

stimulating and revitalizing cells in your body
repairing tired, worn-out cells and making them healthy again
Producing more energy in your cells
speeding up your body’s own revitalization
and enjoying a more youthful appearance!

Again, you won’t find anything as potent as Bob’s Best Chlorella™ in any other vitamin, mineral or herb -only in Bob’s Best Chlorella™!

How can such a substance give you so many Youth-enhancing benefits?

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is encoded with growth-stimulating properties , allowing chlorella cells to quadruple themselves every 20–24 hours. One cell divides into four more - then the process repeats itself over and over.

The result? It revitalizes your cells and helps you feel young again.

What’s more, chlorella has stood the test of time in clinical studies and medical trials, proving its growth-stimulating, youth-enhancing properties.


For example, chlorella has proven itself to…
Stimulate growth…

In one study, young school children were given two grams of chlorella per day, except Sundays and holidays.

After 112 days, boys who took chlorella grew 66 percent more, and gained 43 percent more weight than boys not taking chlorella.

What about chlorella’s ability to revitalize tissue? In another study, doctors gave chlorella to patients experiencing discomfort from problems with stomach issues.

Within 10 days of taking three grams of chlorella each day, most of the patients felt better!

Based on what I’ve seen in the research and with my own clients, the rich nucleic acids in chlorella make a huge difference in promoting good health and revitalizing cells to help you look and feel younger.

No other food, supplement or anything else gives you so many much needed factors as Bob’s Best Chlorella™.

But there’s even more.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™. gives you super purification, promotes continual good health, and is youth enhancing, and…


Super Energy So You Feel 10 Years Younger!

Almost every one of my customers who takes Bob’s Best Chlorella™ as part of their daily health regimen tells me they feel more energetic, more alive than ever before... WHY?

Because Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is a catalyst -
it jump-starts your body and floods it with energy.

One of the hidden reasons people get tired and fatigued is their cells get oxygen-starved.

Low oxygen levels and decreasing ability of your body to absorb oxygen in your cells’ tissues often result in fatigue. Tiredness. The slumps. The “blahs”.

But this problem is easy to fix, especially with the help of Bob’s Best Chlorella™.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ power-packed ingredients increase the nutrients inside your body’s cells - and help increase your body’s ability to absorb more oxygen!

With more oxygen, your body’s cells
come alive again and work harder.

With more oxygen, your body has what it needs to purify, revitalize and energize itself.


Waking up every day full of energy and vitality
Feeling strong and revitalized all day long
Having an unlimited source of boundless energy to work, play, travel and enjoy life…

And saying good-bye to tiredness and fatigue forever!

If you could take only one natural discovery each day Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is it!

Chances are good you’re already taking some vitamins and nutrients.

You’re probably trying to eat the right things, at least most of the time. And, you may be trying to exercise when you can.

But you can do “all the right things” and still fall short of feeling younger, healthier and energized. That’s because your body is constantly under attack from toxins, chemicals and other dangerous elements in your food, water and environment.

Your natural defense system is constantly the target of free radicals, infections, germs, micro organisms and other harmful agents.

Your youth and vitality are constantly assaulted by faulty, weakening, aging cells and a lack of nucleic acids.

Your energy and strength are constantly battered by oxygen-starved cells that drain your body.

Plus, your health is constantly worn down by the everyday stresses of life..


Nothing I’ve ever found - no vitamin, mineral, herb, or supplement - triggers your body’s natural health and revitalizing power better than the whole food breakthrough, Bob’s Best Chlorella™.

No doubt about it.

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ is the most powerful, most important, most effective whole food I’ve ever seen.

It’s the only natural food discovery I’ve found that gives you…

super purification
super good health
super youth-enhancement
super energy

If I could only take one natural discovery every day, 

Bob’s Best Chlorella™ would be it!

I’ve seen what Bob’s BestChlorella™ can do with my own eyes – people about ready to give up who’ve made remarkable recoveries. Friends discouraged about their health who feel young again. And personally, I’ve never felt healthier or younger than I do now.

Best of all, this amazing discovery is now available to you.

No matter what your health concerns - cholesterol, cardiovascular, energy, memory, weight, or anything else - Bob’s Best Chlorella™ can give you a new lease on life, as it’s done for tens of thousands of others, my customers, and myself.

Don't be fooled by imitators there's no better way boost your health, recharge your energy or protect your immune system than Bob’s Best Chlorella™!

No other health product available today. . .

Is Guaranteed to boost your energy levels. . .
Turns your body into an immunity powered sickness blocker. . .
Eliminates fatigue and troublesome joint pain. . .
Infuses your body with the purest, certified organic, broken cell wall Chlorella available


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