Bob's Best Vitamin D3

Bob's Best Vitamin D3 

Sunlight in a Bottle

SUNLIGHT AND VITAMIN D Recent scientific research has shown the importance of Vitamin D production via exposure of the human skin to sunlight.  Due to the fact that many Americans avoid sun exposure for varying reasons, Vitamin D deficiency is now being considered an epidemic in this country.  Scientific experts believe Vitamin D supplementation is the best way to reverse Vitamin D deficiency. 

Vitamin D deficiency is now being considered an epidemic in this country

  • Now Contains 90 High Quality 5000 IU Tablets per bottle!

  • Vitamin D and Calcium Combines with An Adequate Diet & Trace Minerals are Reported to Benefit Those Suffering from Behavior and Learning Disorders

  • Many Ailments and Conditions Have Been Scientifically Linked to Low Levels of Vitamin D

  • Poor Bone Health is Strongly Associated with Vitamin D Deficiency

VITAMIN D RECEPTORS - These important receptors are known to line the intestinal tract where they assist with Calcium Absorption.  Recent research shows that VDR's are found in most of the cells in the body and at very high levels in immune cells.  Research suggests that Vitamin D contributes to a healthy immune system, promotes muscle strength, regulates the maturation process and contributes to proper hormone production.

WHAT IS VITAMIN D3? - Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is the most biologically active form of Vitamin D.  Most products contain the less active form called Ergocalciferol or Vitamin D2.

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